From Herein, The entertainment company supplying the services and products are referred to as “Vendor”.

Aussie Jump is referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”.

Who is Aussie Jump and What We Do?

Aussie Jump is a website where we connect local jumping castle companies and other entertainment providers with customers.

You no longer have to go several websites just to find a specific theme or jumping castle within your budget. We are adding new vendors to the marketplace nearly everyday. If its in your city, we will find it.

The prices, images and descriptions indicated for the inflatables on website, are provided by the vendors. We do not charge anything on top of the prices provided by the vendor.

How do I book or reserve a bouncy castle for my party?

You can save money and time by booking online through our website.

No Payment is required until a booking is confirmed by the vendor. Payment is made directly to the vendor.

After placing your booking online, your booking request will be sent to the vendor for confirmation of availability.

Once the vendor replies to confirm the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to your email along with their contact details.

Within 24 hours, the vendor should call you to re-assure you of the booking. Please contact the vendor if no contact has been made.

Please note: We do not take responsibility of actions of the vendor

We ask that you liase directly with the vendor for further instructions such as payment, delivery time and confirmation

For last minute bookings, please call 1300 723 918.

I haven’t heard from the vendor to confirm my booking? What should I do?

The details of the vendor have been supplied to you, please contact them if you have not received any confirmation from the vendor.

If the vendor has not responded within 36 hours, please email or call 1300 723 918 for assistance.

Please note: We do not take responsibility of actions of the vendor

We ask that you liase directly with the vendor for further instructions such as payment, delivery time and confirmation.

Does The Jumping Castles company on your website service my area?

Not all companies deliver to your area. But you will definitely find a company that does deliver to your suburb. You must use the delivery filter to find out who delivers to you. If you would like us to help you find it, please email with your requirements

How do I pay?

Payment is made directly to the vendor. Some vendors require a deposit, where others are Cash on Delivery. Please ask your vendor for details.

Does The Companies listed on Aussie Jump have insurance?

This can be obtained directly from the vendor.

If it rains, do I receive a refund?

All vendors have different policies regarding weather.

In most cases, most vendors will not set up if weather is showing continuos and/or severe rain throughout the whole day. If the wind speeds exceed 25km/hr this can also be a reason to cancel.

Please liase with the vendor for full details.

Is power needed?

Yes, a normal mains power outlet within 20 meters from site of installation for the entire usage time.

Use of double adaptors, power boards, or customer cords is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

If power is not available, a generator can be hired at an extra cost.

How long does it take to install or dismantle?

The installation or dismantle process takes about 20-60 minutes each depending on the size of the inflatable. The average sized jumping castle which is 4m x 4m, usually takes 20-30 minutes.

What access is needed?

Most castles require a minimum 1m wide access.

If steps, slopes, hills, or sand surfaces are part of the access, please indicate that on the contact form. The vendor will normally ask you this question after confirmation.

Can I have a jumping castle in a public park?

Hire jumping castles in Public Parks require permission from local council authorities. Contact your local council for more information.

Some councils may charge a small hire fee.

Some public parks may not have access to power.

Vendors can provide our own power with a petrol blower/generator for the jumping castle hire for which there will be a small additional charge.

If you are having your jumping castle hire in a public place you will require a supervisor supplied by the vendor.

Does someone need to supervise the operation of the jumping castle?

Yes, a responsible adult over 18 years of age must supervise the jumping castle at all times. There will be training given in the operating instructions for the bouncy castle on the day of the hire.

Can I hire bouncy castles after dark (at night)?

Yes, however some vendors will require a bond as it may then be considered an overnight hire.

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